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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” -Nelson Mandela



EDTC 300 Summary of Learning

I am going, to be honest. Summary of Learnings is not my strong suit I find it really difficult to talk about everything I want to talk about in 5-6 minutes and my video cut out at the end but I spent a very long time trying to find a good screencasting tool that would … Continue reading

EDTC300 Contributions To Others Learning

Throughout my journey in EDTC 300, I was tasked to contribute to my own learning as well as my peers learning to understand the use of technology and how technology is essential in our everyday lives, especially as teachers and pre-service teachers. This course has encouraged me to experiment with many different Social Media platforms … Continue reading

That’s A Wrap! (or is it?)

This has been quite a journey for me! Learning something new can be challenging and requires a lot of patience! I spent the last 6-7 weeks trying to teach myself the guitar! I had spent a little bit of time in the Winter learning the guitar through my EMUS 202 course. However, I struggled with … Continue reading

If Google Told You Eating Worms Could Help You Live Longer Would You Do It? Understanding Digital Literacy and Fake News

I have come to understand that digital literacy is our ability to understand how to appropriately navigate through technology and provide information that is credible through peer review and fact-checking. Digital Literacy is defined as “the ability to navigate various digital platforms and understand, assess, and communicate through them” (Hendricks, 2022).  What is Fake News?  … Continue reading

Professional Quotes

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela “Strength lies in differences not in similarities” -Stephen R. Covey “The first step to becoming empowered is to embrace your disability” -Margo Izzo & Lederick Horne

Cyber-Sleuthing a Classmate and Digital Identity

Believe it or not, we have all cybersleuthed someone before. CyberSleuthing is the idea that anyone can find out anything about someone or something with a quick name search on the internet. For example, when you post on Social Media sites, blogs, emails, etc. It may be easy to assume that the information is private … Continue reading

Treaty Acknowledgement

My name is Noelle Dyck and Iive in Moose Jaw, Sk. I currently attend the University of Regina. As a white settler, it is important to recognize that I am on Treaty land. Specifically, I live on Treaty 4 territory which is the original lands of the Cree, Saulteaux, Dakota, Nakota, Lakota, and on the … Continue reading


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